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Xray Shielding Lead Free Panel / 2mm Lead Equivalency

for hospital radiation shielding imaging room

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    Xray Shielding lead free panel / 2mm Lead equivalency

    Common size: 900x2400, 900x3000,600x600mm
    Equivalent: 1.5mmPb, 2mmPb,3mmPb,4mmPb
    Density:3.6g/cm3 or 3g/cm3
    Hardness: >70

    Replae lead panel for CT room,non-toxic, friendly, test passed easily,install easy
    Price competitive than lead sheet much

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    SPT Lead Free Radiation Shielding Panel
    SPT Radiation Shielding Panel is a unique lead free radiation material researched on our own, which is made by dozens of natural minerals with ultimate formula. After vacuum vibration and high-precision UV printing, the product owns beautiful decorative surface and superior radiation shielding performance.

    Based on "Absorbing Boundary Theory", the product's scattered ray absorption rate is higher than 80%.
    The SPT lead free radiation shielding panel has received 2 invention patents in China in fields of product application, installation, technology upgrades.

    Main components
    Consists of metal elements and polymer materials: Barite, iron, manganese, copper, tungsten, etc.

    ·Lead free, no harm to environment or people.
    ·As high as 80% of absorbing capability of scatter rays.
    ·12mm thickness equals 2mmPb.
    ·Physical properties:
    1.No attenuation,
    2.Fungi-proofing, water proof and anti-friction,fireproof and soundproof
    3.Non-metallic material with good acid and alkali resistance,
    · It looks like common-used decorative floor or wall tile, different colors and textures are available according to your requirements.
    · Easy to install and joint as standard plasterboard.

    X-ray shielding requiemnets are typically specified as a thickness of lead. The lead equivalence of SPT panel depends upon the radiation energy levels.
    Refer to below table for the lead equivalence at various X-ray energy levels.


    12mm thick Eco Radiation Protection Plate Radiation quality Lead equivalent mmPb Density Bending Strength Barcol Hardness
    100kV 2.46 ≥3.6g/cm³ ≥70 ≥16Mpa
    120kV 2.0
    S-Cs 2.61
    S-Co 3.46

    Product Size
    600X600mm,800X800mm,900X2400mm,900X3000mm etc.
    ( Why KND's lead free Radiation Shielding Panel is your best choice?)
    a. Professional PVC panels manufacturers.
    b. Actively seek co-operation with international ceiling sellers.
    c. Independent marketing, sales and manufacturing organization with cheap price.
    d. High quality, good service, fast speed and large supply ability.
    e. The product never fade easily.
    f. Our products can be produced according to your need.

    Packaging Details
    Wooden pallet packing

    Delivery Detail
    Within one month

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